Experts Collage First Video

No matter what your expertise, getting to know a new device can be a curious matter of confusion, tinkering, and LOTS of trial and error. :)

What happens when you hand naturalists Google Glass but don’t tell them how to use it?

To kick off filming, we handed each expert Google Glass. Then we challenged them to figure out how to use it.  None of the experts were provided any information on how to turn on the device or operate it.  From excitement to confusion, playful frustration to triumph, the results were captured on film and compiled for you in this short video:


To be fair, the interface is not entirely easy to figure out. Even for a scientist, the device is not the most intuitive. On average it took each expert about fifteen minutes to figure out all the controls and the options on the menu.

Want to know how the device operates? Google has a very user-friendly guide to getting started with Google Glass. The guide is complete with descriptions, pictures, and videos to make the process of getting set up easier.