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There’s a lot of fun in getting your hands dirty and uniting with your local community. What’s more fun, is digging into farm work in a permaculture-focused community with live music, workshops, and massage tables! Get a little insight into a great local community event in a California coastal down.

Rusty Patched Bumblebee_ForWeb

Insight on the pollinator crisis from Hillary Sardiñas We sat down with bee expert, Hillary a few weeks ago to learn about the state of our pollinators. Hillary studied native bees and the importance of hedgerows in agriculture. We sum up our conversation with her in the video below! We expect to publish more videos…

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Experts Collage First Video

What happens when you hand naturalists Google Glass but don’t tell them how to use it? To kick off filming, we handed each expert Google Glass. Then we challenged them to figure out how to use it.  None of the experts were provided any information on how to turn on the device or operate it.  From excitement to…

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The design behind Google Glass's rectangular glass prism. | The device consists of a powerful computer which projects an image through the glass. Changes in the technology may range from how the picture is viewed to the aesthetic design of the wearable device.

Glass in the News Since January 15th, 2015 the Google Glass team has closed its doors for renovations. The device is now off the consumer market. It has exited stage left and is back in the green room where it is being reconsidered for its next release into the limelight. What does this mean for…

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Tremen Gorge

A Gorge Walk in Robert H. Tremen State Park with Alex Wall Have you ever seen what a tour looks like through the eyes of the tour guide? :) Here’s your chance! While wearing Google Glass, Paleontologist Alex Wall takes us on a tour through the gorges in Ithaca, New York. In this information and…

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Greenhouse Tomatoes

Follow Jason into the greenhouse and your eyes will be opened to the lush presence of delectable plants, ready to fill your plate and satisfy your palate. When we first arrived at the greenhouse, it was a warm and sunny day.  We entered into the plastic-walled house to the light swaying of the


In the wake of Cornell’s Slope Day end-of-the-semester concert, I couldn’t help but quote Matt & Kim’s song, Cameras. no time for cameras we’ll use our eyes instead no time for cameras we’ll be gone when we’re dead It’s been an ongoing concern and theme recently- the time it takes to manage pictures.  It’s not a…

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