Follow Jason into the greenhouse and your eyes will be opened to the lush presence of delectable plants, ready to fill your plate and satisfy your palate.

When we first arrived at the greenhouse, it was a warm and sunny day.  We entered into the plastic-walled house to the light swaying of the exuberant greenery within.  The colors of the plants were vivid- the brightest of green, young tomatoes developing on the vine in a beautiful green to red spectrum. Cucumbers growing up the tall, sturdy trellises that were spaced evenly throughout the  length of the space.  Lettuce and other ground-growers like carrots filled the floor space between.  The place was inviting and full of life.

Of course, with our filJason Grauer Greenhouseming planned, we couldn’t help but notice the ever-present droning noise of the air circulation system.  This system was essential to maintaining the air movement throughout the greenhouse. It keeps the place cool through directed fans.

When Google Glass was brought out for Jason to use, we realized that the noise would not be a problem.  The audio recording on glass is close enough to your face that all words spoken by the wearer are picked up. Anything farther is mere background noise.

The recording went smoothly.  Jason had to adjust to the location of the camera when he was filming. This meant exaggerating a bit when turning to look downwards because the camera is slightly above the line-of-sight. The ability to zoom like the macro setting on a camera was another feature that would have been useful for showing the details of flowers or other fine features of the plants.

Overall, Google Glass provided an extremely unique view of the greenhouse.  You got to walk in and pick veggies as if you were Jason.  Then when he goes to eat a fresh carrot, you’re left wondering why you can’t taste that crunchy goodness in your mouth.  It looked like a hand was bringing it up towards your face after all!

It’s incredible how a little angle change can alter the whole viewing experience.  I think this episode will provide a special treat.  Get ready for a unique greenhouse safari. You might want to keep a fresh cucumber or carrot nearby to munch on.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.07.26 PM

The video podcast from this experience will be up soon. In the meanwhile, please check out his expert bio! Thanks for your patience and excitement. :)