If I had Glass tweet

Once upon a time Experience Nature was a mere 140 character thought.

In 2013 Ileana Betancourt, a scientist and nature-lover at heart, knew she wanted to work towards connecting people to nature. Fascinated by the intersection of technology, nature, science communication, and sustainable design, she was looking for a sign to answer how. The sign arrived when she had an opportunity to explore Google Glass.

At first, Ileana thought that technology like Google Glass would be a distraction and cause a disconnect between humans and their surroundings. However, perhaps with proper or strategic usage, technology could be leveraged to improve naturalists’ outreach and reach audiences in ways they might never otherwise experience first-hand.

An overwhelming response from the public resulted in a successful Kickstarter campaign, which launched the initial exploration and lifted the project off the ground.

This project launched on Kickstarter in March of 2014 thanks to the generosity of 86 backers. 

We welcome you to check out the Kickstarter page to learn about the project’s early beginnings. 

A very warm felt thanks to the following people for backing the project. This wouldn’t be possible without you:

– Isa Betancourt – Ryan Arams – Danny Sexton – Mario Martone – Andrea Sanders – Chris Knight – Illika Sahu – Marisa Jones – Lucas Ackerknecht – Nancy Milani – David Scheck – Jess Jones – Martha Sanders – Megan Whitman – Matt Christensen – Daniel Milani – Christine Filippone – Colleen McLinn – Jansen Smith – Alexander Trivane – Ranan Sokoloff – Jennifer Werbitsky – Jennifer Milani – Thea Bardin – Jody Enck – Ellie Beckett – Aleks Mroczkowska – Kathy Smith – Laurel Stewart – Josh Groleau – Anita Tanzola – Yamila Fournier – Owen Amadasun – Gabriel Betancourt – Alex Walker – Nancy Brodsky – Ian Kyle – Brenda M Bennett – Laura Betancourt – Alex Chang – Dorothy Torrese Bardin – Brie Marie – Jackie Jones – Diana Foster – Christine Isabella – Monica Bolton Chrisanthon – Joey & Stefano Sola – Asia Peureux – Noelle Grace Portland – Meg MacCurtin – Mary Beth Smyth Reimann – Monica Carr – Hillary Richard – Aaron Miller – Karen Rodriguez – Donna Jin – Christian Shaw – Sean Whiteman – Tim Comly – Joelle Jach – William C. Haines – Eileen Hauser – Tyler Finck -