Experience Nature aims to engage people in science learning through meaningful experiences with the natural world that lead to conservation attitudes and protecting the planet.


Isa Insect Recap w GG

Entomologist, Isa Betancourt doesn’t just see something to swat at when she notices an insect. Here she wears Google Glass while examining the insects she collected in her urban field site.

Howard County Library System(BoyandBee)

Kids begin to notice the little things around them with a some guidance.

How: By working with scientists, naturalists, and educators, we can explore how to best leverage technology for connecting kids and communities to science and the natural world. We will send experts out into the field to explore the efficacy of technology use to share unique experiences and information.

- Goals -

1) Create meaningful and lasting experiences with nature

  2) Connect experts of the natural world to audiences

  3) Reach youth with engaging, outdoor, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers

  4) Inspire people to recognize and practice environmental sustainability

 5) Fill the gap with technology – provide unique opportunities and windows to youth

 6) Investigate the efficacy of technology for connecting people to nature