On late Wednesday night after toiling over what color of Glass to choose, I finally put in the order for Shale-colored Google Glass.  Why shale? Because it’s simple, and probably the best camouflaged color available. I didn’t want to choose something that would stand out too much, like blue or orange, and the white would probably get dirty fast if it’s out in nature.  Shale it was.

Less than two days later while strolling into work on Friday morning I decided to check my phone to track the Glass shipment and see how it was moving along.  WHOA I thought as the information popped up on the screen- it was scheduled to arrive by 10:30 AM and it was already 9 AM. That meant it could be delivered at any moment.  After settling in, I went down to the loading dock and behold, there it was.  I promptly brought it upstairs and set the package down on my desk where I expected it would rest and remain until the end of the work day when I would promptly zoom home and eagerly (& carefully) rip open the box.

When my colleague swung by and suggested that I needed to open the box and make sure everything delivered inside was ok- that was the only go-ahead I needed to dig in. We grabbed a camera and filmed the unveiling so that you could experience it along with us. My colleague did a great job filming, but you might just have to tilt your head for a few parts. :) Without further adieu….