What started as a small seedling of an idea, has blossomed into a full-fledged investigation of the new age of technology. It’s incredible.

Way back in December, when I was sitting at home on the couch, drinking some herbal tea and looking at the Google Glass Contest I was only merely thinking “Ah, it might be nice to see what Glass could do for education.” I decided to throw out a line, to try my luck, to send that initial tweet that might be chosen for a Glass invite.   Now that tiny spark, that tiny initiative to put myself out there has built, and grown, and become something larger than I  imagined.

It’s been amazing, seeing the community of support evolve since the start of the project.  Initially it was the continued encouragement from and discussions with friends and family that helped to motivate me as I worked through toward developing the ideas and focus of the project.  Then, launch came and support came in the forms of folks backing the project with funds and sharing the project with their friends.  It was incredible to see how widespread the  Kickstarter page was shared too with over 530 video views and 386 shares on Facebook.  Even people I didn’t know were sharing it with their networks on Twitter and Facebook.  The US LTER System discovered the project and posted asking “A new tool for ecologists?” Cornell CALS featured the project in a post on their blog.  There has been great visibility and the continued support has only been motivational driver while moving forward with the project.

On an entirely different level, people were approaching looking to get involved- their interest sparked by the topics and motives engrained in the project.  This was additionally fantastic to see.  It became more apparent that this project was creating an outlet for the questions we’ve been beginning to wonder as the technological age jets on at rates never possible before.

Whether you were someone who provided encouragement from the start, during the Kickstarter, or are just seeing this website now and are moved by the goals of the project, thank you.  To the wonderful 86, ….let me say that again eighty six(!!!) backers who stepped forward to provide monetary support to this project, which was critical for getting it off the ground, THANK YOU!

It means so much to have made it so far thanks to a wide community of support.  I look forward to sharing the process, the project, and the findings with you as we move forward.

It has truly been an outstanding kickoff.